On Adulting

This week has been quite an eventful one.  I feel like I did a lot of “officially an adult” things, which I don’t usually do.  Sure, I go to work 40 hours a week, I go to school twice a week, and pay my myriad of bills (don’t even get me started on those); but it just doesn’t feel like I’m “officially an adult”.  I guess part of that feeling comes because all those things that I do on a daily basis aren’t special, and they’re really just expected of me.  Some days it’s a wonder that I get anything done at all, but I still get it done.  But I digress.  Let’s have an overview of my week.

On Monday I went to school.  Nothing’s really special about that.  I do that ever week.  I did, however, meet with the financial aid advisor to see about qualifying for a scholarship, as well as to see whether or not I had any PELL left over for the summer semester.  Good news is that I may qualify for the scholarship, and I do have some PELL left over.

On Tuesday I went to work.  There’s really nothing to tell about that.

On Wednesday I met with the vice president of my bank, who is also their mortage loaner.  I met with him to discuss the possibility of getting approved for a mortage.  I walked into the meeting with not one clue about what I was going to get myself in to.  Turns out, there’s a lot to it, just to get approved.  So, of course, it was only an informational meeting.  He recommended a realtor to me, and gave me his number.  And off I went, now loaded down with information, back to school.

16838074_1898498980381691_1926881036_n-1Here comes Thursday.  Thursday is the special day!  After work, Josia and I went to the car dealership in town.  We’ve been talking about buying a car and were going to get some information about it.  We really had no money to put down at the time, but we were going to have $1000 by the end of the month.  Well, they REALLY wanted to sell us a car.  So they went and spoke to their banks to see if I could get approved to finance a car, without any money down.  I couldn’t.  So we left.  Not even five minutes pass, and I get a call to come back to the dealership because one of the banks approved me.  Only catch is, they wanted a $1000 down payment.  The car is really nice, it was a really good deal (just $50 more than I wanted to pay a month), and I had the money available on a credit car.  So, if you can’t already guess where I’m going with this,.. I bought a car!  It’s a 2012 Ford Fusion, and I love it.  It’s my first car, and really made me feel like I’m “officially” an adult.  They wouldn’t let me drive the car off the lot though, since I didn’t have any insurance on it.

So we come to Friday.  After work, Josia and I went to go put the car on our insurance, only to find out we couldn’t because he didn’t pay on the due date (which was Thursday).  So they gave me a rate on my own, and it’s really not that bad.  I can afford it.  After that we went and picked up my car!!  I was super excited- I still am.

Saturday and Sunday come,.. and they’re pretty mundane.  Went to work and came home.  Nothing special about that, I do that every weekend.

But the point is, I did some awesome things this week, that really put me out of my comfort zone.  I normally wouldn’t do any of that, and I’m so glad that I did.  Now I have a new car!  And we did decide that we weren’t going to move for the time being because now that I have a car and insurance payment to add to all my other bills,.. I wont be able to afford anything more expensive than what we currently are renting for.

So I guess I am “officially” an adult now?  It’s really only in the way you look at things, because really I’ve been an adult all along.  I just don’t really view myself as one.

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