Art Journaling

I’ve been wanting to try art journaling for a while.  I wanted to start because I have read that it helps you process through your feelings and thoughts in a creative way.  And I love being creative.

So today I took the plunge and created my first entry in my art journal.  It was really refreshing.  I had been really angry all day, and I said some things to Josia that I regretted.  I wrote those things down, then covered them with paint.  I burned pieces of paper, which was a good anger release.  (Though if you do that, I recommend doing it over a sink so that you don’t burn down your house!  That way, you have water right there if you need it.)  The whole process helped me work through why I was angry in the first place.

I really enjoyed doing this today.  I will definitely be continuing this new creative outlet.

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