Mental Health Views – An Interview (Shana)

There are many different views on mental health and mental illness.   In fact, there are so many different views, that I couldn’t even begin to cover them all.  There is a lot of discussion online and on professional panels regarding mental health, though.  I thought that it would be interesting to interview some people to get their personal view on mental health, so I took to Facebook and asked if anyone would be willing to answer some questions, to gain some insight on their views.  I put together a list of ten questions that provide a basic overview of mental health- there are many more questions that I could have asked, but I wanted to keep things short and simple.

Here are Shana’s thoughts on mental health:


What is mental health?

Mental health is simple the well-being of the mind.

What are your thoughts on mental illness?

I feel that our society neglects to recognize the seriousness of mental wellness.

Do you think there is a lot of stigma surrounding mental illness?  Why?

Yes.  Why?  I feel that there is shame in admitting one has a mental illness, as society simply does not quite comprehend it as a whole.

How do you think we can end this stigma?

More awareness.

Have you ever been affected by mental illness, either personally or through someone you know?

I suffer from mental illness myself and have most of my life.

Do you know where to go to seek help with mental illness?

I am currently attending AVITA health care to help maintain my medications and learn how to cope.

What are your thoughts on medications to treat a mental illness?  Is this the way to go, or is there another way to treat mental illness?

I believe medication is a good start to balancing the brain.  However, I do not believe it is physically healthy to stay on medication lifelong.  I also believe that making lifestyle changes can help tremendously.  Living a healthy lifestyle can make major changes.  Eating right, exercising.  I personally do yoga and hike to help my mental wellness, as well as drinking teas, eating colorful foods that are natural to our earth, and essential oils.

How can you help someone with a mental illness?

I have struggled with this in particular.  I feel that showing empathy and understanding can make all the difference.

If you were diagnosed with a mental illness, what would you want other people to know?

I am no different from any other being on this earth.  My mental illness does not hold me back from life, it just makes things a little more challenging overall.

Do you know of any resources available about mental health?  What are they?

I indulge in many self help books on a spiritual level.  Learning to calm the mind with mediation and awareness.

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