A Letter to My Future Dramatic Self

Dear Jessica,

Is the world ending right now?  Are you dying?  Did something horrible happen to warrant that reaction?  I sincerely doubt it.

Why are you always so dramatic?  It’s alright to have reactions to things, but man, Jessica, you take it to the extreme!  How can you jump from one tiny, little thing to something so huge and detrimental?  Chances are it’s not worth all the fuss you’re making about it.

Let’s take a short drive down memory lane.

Remember when you drove up to Franklin to get your tattoo, only to arrive there and be told they had a scheduling mix up and weren’t going to be able to do it?  They told you to come back the next day, and you did.  So what was the whole problem there?  After they told you that, you went out to the car and broke down crying.  You were so upset!  You said some things you probably regret (Can you remember what you said?  Something about how you hate them and they’re stupid and unprofessional?), and you cried.  You cried and cried- you probably created a whole ocean that day!

Remember just yesterday, when you asked Josia if he was glad that you’re working night shift now, so that he could hang out with his friends?  And when he was BEING HONEST, which you always want him to be, and said yes, you freaked out?!  What was that all about?   You knew he was going to be hanging out with his friends more!  You knew that!  What else do you think he was going to do all afternoon and evening, until you got off work at ten?  Sit around and look pretty?  So why in the world did you get so dramatic and tell him that you’re the only reason he doesn’t hang out with his friends?  And how in the world did you jump from that to him breaking up with you?  You make no sense sometimes, Jessica!

Stop being so dramatic.  Why do you do that?  It gets you nowhere- you only overreact to the littlest of situations and make those around you upset.  It’s a wonder that Josia is still around with how dramatic you are!  And don’t even think about getting mad at him the next time he tells you that you’re being just a little be dramatic.  Because he’s right!

But I understand, I do.  Once you start being dramatic it’s hard to go back to normal.  It’s hard to admit to yourself that you’re being silly and dramatic.  And it’s even harder to admit that AND stop doing it.  Because you feel pretty silly about the whole thing, afterwards.  The thing to remember here is that you shouldn’t start being so dramatic in the first place.

So just remember this: it’s not worth all that commotion!  Unless someone is dying, the world is ending, or something so horrible happened that your entire life is turned upside down, it’s not worth being so dramatic over.  And even then, being dramatic doesn’t make dealing with these things any easier.

I realize this is going to take some work.  I realize that you’re going to keep being dramatic until you make the effort to stop.  But I’ll be here to help you work at being less dramatic.  I’ll be there.

With love,



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