Mental Health Views – An Interview (Kelly)

There are many different views on mental health and mental illness.   In fact, there are so many different views, that I couldn’t even begin to cover them all.  There is a lot of discussion online and on professional panels regarding mental health, though.  I thought that it would be interesting to interview some people to get their personal view on mental health, so I took to Facebook and asked if anyone would be willing to answer some questions, to gain some insight on their views.  I put together a list of ten questions that provide a basic overview of mental health- there are many more questions that I could have asked, but I wanted to keep things short and simple.

Here are Kelly’s thoughts on mental health:


What is mental health?

Emotional/psychological/cognitive well being.

What are your thoughts on mental illness?

I think mental illness is not taken seriously enough because it is not able to be “seen.” I also think it’s one of the worse types of health issues to go through.

Do you think there is a lot of stigma surrounding mental illness?  Why?

Yes, people in any sort of media position in the past used to assume people just made these things up or that they were “not normal.” This is because people do not like what they cannot understand and false information.

How do you think we can end this stigma?

I’m not sure it will ever end. It’s just like Racism in a way. People are biologically programmed to create categories in our head and we try to keep them in the categories we already have unless they absolutely do not fit. This is why stereotypes happen.

Have you ever been affected by mental illness, either personally or through someone you know?

I have been officially diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder). However, I do not receive treatment. I honestly used marijuana to self-Medicate until recently when I had to quit for work.

Do you know where to go to seek help with mental illness?

Yes, but most places need insurance or charge a fortune. I have neither.

What are your thoughts on medications to treat a mental illness?  Is this the way to go, or is there another way to treat mental illness?

I would gladly take medication in attempt to help feeling better. Honestly, if it makes a person feel better inside it’s worth it.

How can you help someone with a mental illness?

Listen. It’s not always about responding. Sometimes just trying to understand is all that is needed. Other than that you have to encourage them to get whatever help they need and be there for them.

If you were diagnosed with a mental illness, what would you want other people to know?

Honestly, I just try to hide mine. People will always think they can “fix” you or will just insult you for the most part. Until that is gone only the closest people know.

Do you know of any resources available about mental health?  What are they?

No. I personally cannot fix myself by reading a book or online that says “try this, try that.” Other than a doctor which again takes money, I personally don’t find other resources helpful. It’s like an intervention. Those work for some people, but others need a different approach.


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